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DeviantArt guys... is DA working for you? Because it's been broken for two days for me and I'm very annoyed. All my other websites load fine but DA does not load on either my desktop or my netbook. Weirdly enough it works fine on my work computer... so I really don't understand...

Hi thar!

Week of Doing Too Much is finally over! I was so tired last night that I ducked out of my evening out with friends at 9.30 in favour of bed - principlely because I had to work at the university Open Day today. ZOMG Open Days. What is there to say apart from that Open Days are the most tiring and intense work days EVAR. The fifty minutes where I give a talk in a lecture theatre is the part of the day I use to relax, which says something! I think it went well, though my cheek muscles ache from smiling so much (I think a smile makes a huge difference when you're helping people out, saddo that I am - big public events where I need to be nice to people tend to bring out the best in me).

Lay on the sofa all evening in my pyjamas and watched Total Wipeout (tee hee!), Top Gear and Take Me Out - the kind of lazy evening I've been craving allllll week. And now, early bed time. Tomorrow, we shall see a Gina who can actually DO things apart from a) moan about how tired she is b) moan about how much she needs sleep.

But first, I shall divert a few brain cells to an idle activity I've been wanting to do since I saw something on DA this morning - creating "iPod playlists" for my OCs (as in music they'd have on their playlist rather than music that makes me think of them). Shame most of them have crap taste in music! *eyes the character who actually likes rap music with distaste*

Oh yeah, and a funny Dragon Lady update from Friday:
Dragon Lady: *storms through the office* I NEED FRUIT.
Me: *offers her some grapes, two pears and a banana (all fruit donated to me by colleages as my liking for fruit is well known)*
Dragon Lady: I don't want those! I'm going to steal from Robyn instead! *steals one of the graphic designer's apples*

Larger Than Life

Lovely day - donals_girl and I went to the Enchanted Palace exhibition at Kensington Palace. If you're in London I throughly recommend this exhibition - well worth the entrance fee. All of the rooms in the palace were give a surreal fairytale twist with fabulous lighting and really unusual, beautiful props. We were also tasked with finding the names of the seven princesses associated with the palace and the last room gave information about them all, thus completing the quest (with unexpected Hungry Like The Wolf, too!).

In other news, I am fed up with deviantArt at the moment. I've felt very excluded on there recently by some particular groups of people. When did it become so in cliquey? Oh well. There are worse things, so if people don't like me for mysterious reasons, so what. I have bigger things on my mind, like why exactly I weep with laughter whenever I watch people bouncing about on big red balls on Total Wipeout and whether this is something I ought to be worried about! My sense of humour becomes more infantile by the day^^




You know what the problem is with the BBC's Robin Hood? Friar Tuck pwns Robin so much. Tuck is everything Robin should be; imposing, posseses presence, commands respect, knows when to be brutal and when to be kind, and has morals that come across as strong rather than patronising. Robin is such a weedy, irritating video shop boy in comparison.


Christian the Lion

Everyone should watch this (if you haven't already) - it's incredibly uplifting.


Please no

Rudi has a swollen gland in his neck. I'm terribly worried it's lymphoma. It could be that he's got an infection or an allergy but in my experience lumps in dogs mean only one thing. Cancer, and therefore death.

I'm finding Dad's "what will be will be" attitude to it incredibly infuriating and difficult to deal with. When I say I'm worried and I really think we should take him to the weekend vet tomorrow rather than wait until Monday, he just tells me to stop going on about it. He's so damn unsympathetic. I wish Mum was here, but she's at Nana Vera's.

It hasn't even been two months since Molly died.

Please please please let this be harmless. I love that dog to bits.




Everything was better in the 80s. This video is made of a brand of madness I find very funny, especially as the singer looks as though he's sneering the whole time. ^^;



I just ate two entire cucumbers. THIS WAS A MISTAKE.