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Eye of the tiger

After much contemplation, I wished Sam happy birthday-- via facebook, though I remembered his bday without facebook's aid. He ignored my birthday, but he used to be one of my best friends, so I suppose I ought to be generous enough to extend birthday wishes despite that.

I don't like the new skirt my aunt brought me. It is way too big and it doesn't go with any of my other clothes. Fool that I was to not take it back.

I'm rather worried that Richard might have committed suicide under exam stress...

Today I have a supervision to discuss the practice exam I did for the novel paper (the paper I fear most). Fingers crossed.

I have three and a half hours of prac crit exam tomorrow. Squigglewuffs.

English Dinner

So. I have come home from the English Dinner, which for those of you who don't know, is an evening where the college pays for all three years of English students, as well as a few guests, to stuff their faces. This year it was in an Italian place; I had a tomato and mozerella salad for starters (nothing to write home about), a vegetable pizza for main course (something to definitely write home about!) and a meringue for desert (sugar fix!) and tea afterwards.

I distinguished myself almost immediately by practically falling down the step into the restaurant, because that's the kind of thing that tends to happen to me. I found myself on a table with Mother Richard, two friendly male second years, and gaggle of first years. The conversation was good. One of the second years practicalyl collapsed with laughter when I narrated the sorry tale that is my Thomas the Tank Engine stewarding experience. About halfway through the dinner we were given a quiz on Shakespeare quotations; I don't think my team, The Bardic Quintette, did very well, but we shall not reflect on that now. I got to speak to a few people I hadn't seen for a while, including Hester, who is lovely and said she liked my hair. It looks very 70s today.

So. The English Dinner was an example of something I was not looking forward to being enjoyable.

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